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SMASH full discography
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SM☆SH - intro post
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 SMASH (스매쉬/SM☆SH) is a Korean boygroup who debuted in 2008 under ex. H.O.T. member Tony An’s TN Entertainment.
Smash was one of the most anticipated rookies when they debuted but after their Open Fire! -mini album and digital single White Night and when Tony An enlisted, group "faded away".
And they went, of course, to Japan in 2009 and been there ever since.

 They had 6 members but after doing some lives in Japan with the group, Cheonwoo left in 2010 (no reason given) and group continued with 5 members.

 In October 2010 the group made it’s major Japanese debut with a release of a single Lunatic. Smash has been gaining popularity in Japan and done many concerts & events, appeared on shows like Made in BS Japan. With their latest single STEP, they got 8th place on Oricon weekly on it's first week.

 Smash has been traveling between Japan and Korea a lot and been preparing for a Korean comeback.
That was supposed to happen by the end of 2011 year but it's been pushed back. Now it's been scheduled to happen sometime in 2012.

 March 2012 Smash finally came back to Korea, by releasing a coupling single together with Tony An called 'Get your swag on'. First performance was on Mnet M! Countdown 1st March. For this comeback, members started to use their real names, except Hero.
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Something to wait for
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28.5.2010 D=OUT @ Gloria, Helsinki

8.6.2010 Annyeong!PartyIII @ Gloria, Helsinki 

13.-18.6.2010 in Pärnu, Estonia with mom

20.6.2010 Marie @ Klubi, Tampere

22.9.2010 (on my birthday~) D'espairsRay @ Tavastia, Helsinki

13.-14.2010 Tsukicon @ Gloria, Helsinki

20.3.2011 My Chemical Romance @ Hartwall Areena, Helsinki

I'll update this list when something happens


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I haven't seen my grandma for a ling time and she always complain why I don't visit her when I'm in the same city.

But seeing her today :) preparing to eat lots of cake haha.



Btw I'm so much in love with this f(x) Sorry (Dear Daddy). So sad and beautiful.

Luna's voice is so AMAZING. And Krystal's voice is pretty too but Luna *___*



Need to go to sleep soon because have to wake up a bit earlier than usual.

Ah so and yeah I'm at my parent's now XD came here yesterday.  after only 3 hours of sleeping fri-saturday night LOL.

I was so tired XD but not anymore (of course)


Next week I have work for 3 days then I have 4 days free. What should I do?



But now. Happy Mother's Day to every mom out there of course.

And Good Night!

I got moneeeeh.
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Almost 1300€  from 15 days.
Biggest payment I've ever received at the same time.
Need to put some to my Japan trip account :D At this rate I'll probably go to Japan next summer if I just get someone with me that is

Asia trip would be nice but that might cost too much.

Japan is 1st on my trip list.