New glasses, I has them.
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And I LOVE them. And my new favorite color is purple as you see. Lol.
and new hair tooCollapse )

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Wrong alert last time lol. I almost begun to write again but then backed out.
But now I decided to come back. Like FOR REAL.

I have new layout and my new profile is under construction

and I now got a paid account(I bought it because the ads ruined the layout and I got pissed because of it :'D)

So that's one of the reasons I thought I should start to write again. <strike>And that I want more friends</strike>
There's LOTS of stuff happened in a year of "absence" on Livejournal.Collapse )


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I really don't know what I should do with my Livejournal.


I hardly ever post to this anymore. And if  do, the entries are shitty and boring and I think hardly anyone ever reads them. or are interested AT ALL.

Maybe I should't even TRY to write entries here.

I think Im just going to keep this journal for other purposes=I WILL read my f-list like I always do. and post to the communities.

so you don't have to remove me when, from now on, I don't write to this anymore (or well, you should never say never but from this entry to who-knows-where)

If some new ones try adding me, I WON'T ADD YOU BACK.











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An Cafe's gig is tomorrow lol.

Almost in my neighbourhood lawl. only abt 500 meters to the concert place from my house.

it's so strange they are coming to my city.

oh well. otherwise I wouldn't go XD


Now I need to go to sleep,my work starts @ 7:30

Im gonna be sooooo tired at work~
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I just finished watchin' Super Junior's Full House.


WHY I DID THIS? my credibility (what, I had one?) is officially gone now (watched suju since Friday, first the mini drama thing then Full House D: and today/yesterday from 6pm to midnight)

oh well. that was hella fun though.

I think I haven't laughed that much ever what I did in this 4 days I wacthed them from youtube XD


oh and what is the thing I've started to do while laughing hard? I always clap my hands together REALLY hard D: or hit myself in my thighs (which doesn't feel that nice) I'm so full of bruises tomorrow



I ADMIT I LIKE SUPER JUNIOR D: R u guys happy now.



...I am.




Remember this. Don't EVER say NEVER.



Good Night.


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